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KarmaKonnect Jammu & Kashmir
Gift Hope to Conflict Zone Kids of Remote Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh

Children studying in border area schools near the Line of Control in Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh struggle to access essential stationery items such as notebooks, pens/pencils, and schoolbags, hindering their education. KarmaKonnect seeks your support in reaching out to these children with essential school supplies. One stationery kit contributed by you, can help a child attend classes.

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KarmaKonnect Dharampur
Sponsoring School Bags for kids going to school in Dharampur

As the school year approaches, parents even in rural areas are helping their children prepare for classes while trying to purchase all necessary supplies. However, unfortunately, most families cannot afford something as mere as a school bag due to difficult financial situations. Help us provide these children with school bags and thus motivating them to a better academic year.

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Param Shakti Peeth Delhi
SAKSHAM - A step towards providing prosthetics to people who cannot afford them

Saksham’s vision is to ensure the physical, economical and social rehabilitation of beneficiaries, to enable them to regain their mobility, dignity, and become self-empowered.

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KarmaKonnect Telangana
Leaf Plates - Micro business for Rural women

At national and global levels, women’s voices are weak, largely because of their minimal presence in leadership roles of rural organizations, the challenges of being treated as ‘token’ women rather than equally with male leaders and, in some cases, the limited ability of the few women leaders at the national level to effectively represent the needs of women at the grass-roots level. There is also a difference between women’s representation in women-only groups and mixed-sex groups. Women’s groups tend to be confined to the local level, often organized around economic activities. This demands an urgent need to empower women economically for the welfare of women as well as a community at large.

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KarmaKonnect Samba
Donation drive for Jammu & Kashmir border firing Victims

Since early 1990, the valley of Kashmir1 in the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has been the site of a vicious conflict between Indian security forces and Muslim insurgents demanding independence or accession to Pakistan. It is not news that the innocent civilians have been targets and victims of this border dispute. Let's do our bit by sending relief to the victims.

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KarmaKonnect Marriguda
Set up a Bio-Compostable Sanitary Napkins factory and Support Rural Entrepreneurship

KarmaKonnect will partner with Aakar Innovations to set up sanitary pad mini factory in Marriguda, Telangana, that will employ local women to manufacture and distribute bio-degradable, low-cost sanitary napkins. The solution will endeavor to break the silence around the issue of Menstrual Hygiene and provide knowledge and guidance to all stakeholders, especially adolescent girls. The idea is that something as natural as Menstruation does not become a thing of shame, adolescent girls have access to pads, know how to use and dispose them, while the community and institutional systems are sensitized and support them in this process. The eco-system will be created using ICT (Information Communication Technology) and Sports, so that they can come out of the four walls to discuss about MHM (Menstrual Hygiene Management) openly.

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KarmaKonnect Chambal Valley
Donate Water Purifiers for Chambal Valley Villages

Deep inside the valleys of Chambal are villages that are not accessible by road, deprived of development as we know it. Water from nearby streams, kerosene powered lanterns, open riverfront for sanitary needs and child marriages are a norm. All they need is handholding and a little push from nearby urban areas.

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KarmaKonnect All over India
Donate Solar Lamps for Remote villages across India

Electricity is still a distant dream for villages in India. Villages that are located in remote areas tend to be ignored as basic amenities do not reach to them.

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KarmaKonnect Jammu & Kashmir
Donate Things to Jammu & Kashmir Children

It is critical to address the needs of orphan & vulnerable children in conflict areas by providing them with a stable support system so that they can lift themselves out of cycle of violence. We could do our bit by donating needful items for their better future .

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KarmaKonnect Marriguda
Set up a Bio-compostable Sanitary Napkins factory and support rural entrepreneurship

Currently, only 12% of women in India use sanitary napkins to manage their menses. Some of the most detrimental implications of the current menstrual hygiene state in India affect both education and livelihood. The ramifications of this loss manifest themselves in everything from food availability to health and the larger space of women empowerment.

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