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Digital Intervention in Lahaul Spiti

I BACKGROUND:  The extreme weather conditions in the isolated mountain terrains of Jammu and Kashmir make it difficult for schoolchildren to continue their education. These territories are also constantly threatened by border security challenges from China and Pakistan. These villages serve as Bharat\'s first line of defence.  In these remote places, many important stationery items and other handy items of everyday utility are not available. As supply and everything else is uncertain for months at a stretch, it is difficult for the locals to obtain all necessary products. As a result, children in these areas experience challenges and hardship in continuing their education. The students studying in schools at the Line of Control and the worst affected.  The biggest challenge has been ensuring that these students have access to all basic stationery essentials like notebook, pens/ pencils, schoolbags etc. II PROJECT PLAN:  KarmaKonnect, along with Centre for Ladakh and Jammu Kashmir Studies, has been reaching out to these underprivileged children across the remote villages in this region.  A variety of stationery items and other things that are being distributed on monthly and annual basis: Sports Kits of Football, Volleyball, Carrom Board, Tiffin Boxes, School Shoes, School Bags, Pencils, Pens, Copies, Erasers, Black Boards, Colour boxes, Registers, Painting colours, book sets, etc.  As part of the “Support Schools on Border” initiative, volunteers on the ground are connected with Government and Army Goodwill schools on the LOC. They regularly visit these schools and meet with the teachers and students to understand their requirements. As per the requirement conveyed by the school, regular stationery distribution drives are scheduled.  Along with stationery distribution program, the volunteers on ground also organize singing and drawing competitions and other co-curricular activities aimed at promoting patriotism and national integration.  This is an ongoing project and your continuous support is needed. KarmaKonnect has paid for the expenses of the stationery items and is continuously raising money to support future stationery distributions.

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Lahaul and Spiti

KarmaKonnect Digital learning program help students in Spiti Valley learn & grow

KarmaKonnect recently completed smart class setup for students of a government-run school in Lahaul and Spiti. From darkness of Ignorance to a Ray of Hope and Knowledge — this is the power of Digital education in remote mountain areas. Children tucked indoors due to harsh weathers can continue their education and expand their horizons getting connected to the world through digital classrooms. We solicit your assistance in shaping the future of these bright and well-deserving children from the remotest corners of Bharat.

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Students at Baramulla Government School glad to receive new stationery supplies

KarmaKonnect is excited to provide assistance to Army Goodwill schools across J&K LoC areas through JKSC distribution campaigns. The impact of such interventions makes us all proud, especially when we see girls progressing and embracing education as a means for development and peace, rejecting radical ideologies. The classroom captured in this photograph is of a government school in Baramulla, Jammu & Kashmir.

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Children in Poonch, J&K, attending lessons through KarmaKonnect Smart Classes

It’s 0deg outside in J&K and children are cutoff in the mountainous terrains. KarmaKonnect Smart Classes, equipped with educational software, are helping them to keep themselves abreast and connected with the learning process. These smart classes play a major role in improving learning outcomes for children in remote areas and conflict hit zones during harsh climate months. Learn more and see how you can donate a smart class to help educate many.

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Kaksar, Ladakh

Little Maqsooma from Ladakh Bats Effortlessly on the Pitch, Idolizes Virat Kohli

It’s the Little things that make life worthwhile. Little Maqsooma from Kaksar in Ladakh valley today enjoys cricket, notes ViratKohli as her idol and has ambitions to be a part of the Indian Cricket team. KarmaKonnect supported this school through selfless volunteer JaiKumarJee, with supplies/equipments and little Maqsooma got a chance to showcase her hidden talent. #GoodKarma reaps wonderful rewards.

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Chulichang Point

Young Girls from the First School on LoC, J&K, chant "Bharat Mata Ki Jai"

Young girls belonging to the native/ tribal communities in these remote regions of Jammu and Kashmir, are getting educated and breaking the shackles of ignorance and societal dogmas. These visuals are coming from the First School on LoC, Jammu and Kashmir, Chulichung Point. The video is shot and sent by them, not captured by us. These schools supported by JKSC and Seva Bharti

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Gurez Valley, 123 Km from Srinagar

Children in Kashmir Valley Singing Patriotic Songs as an Ode to Mother India

JKSC and BSS Volunteers are organising fun-filled learning activities to teach school children good values and inculcate in them love for the Motherland. From slogans such as

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Life in remote Himalayan villages is not easy, especially for little kids. Harsh weather, short dark days and difficulties in accessing basic necessities. KarmaKonnect is fortunate to connect with these remote mountain tribal communities through its initiative. Recently, we completed smart class setup for Pre primary kids Keylong, Spiti Valley bringing better learning aid for the little kids of the district. We are also working on other health and employment initiatives for this region. Connect with us to learn more and spread #goodkarma

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We are always delighted to see Everyday visuals from the digital classrooms sponsored by KarmaKonnect to various underprivileged children. These setups not only aid better learning outcomes through curriculum softwares, but also help the community with key character building and motivational content. Pictured here are kids from @Shwas centers in Ahmedabad slum areas. Learn more on how a simple digital setup at schools and learning centers can bring about sweeping change and better learning outcomes.

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