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In the high-altitude remote mountain regions of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, nature seems to be at its best. The innocent and ever-energetic children of these communities have immense potentials and talents. They have all that is need to achieve greater heights and contribute in building a better world.

However, life here is not as picturesque as the beautiful serene valleys and ice-capped mountains. For the local population, everyday life is extremely difficult due to harsh weather conditions and constant border security issues. Long drawn curfews, terror activities and conflicts make life uncertain and standstill.

School going children are the worst affected. Many vital stationery products and other useful things of everyday usage are not available in these remote locations. It is tough for locals to obtain all basic supplies because supply and everything else is uncertain for months at a time.

Amid these uncanny circumstances, these school children, studying in schools near the Line of Control, find it utterly impossible to procure basic stationery essentials like notebook, pens/ pencils, schoolbags etc to attend their classes. As a result, most of these children are unable to continue their education.

Lack of stationery supplies forces them to sit back at home with no other option than groping in the dark.

A regular stationary distribution drive in these regions can help solve the problem.

We at KarmaKonnect have pledged to provide for the stationery requirements of these children so that they do not face challenges in pursuing their day-to-day academic activities at school and are able to continue attending their classes.

As part of our “Support Schools on Border” initiative, our volunteers on the ground are connected with Government and Army Goodwill schools on the LOC. They regularly visit these schools and meet with the teachers and students to understand their requirements.

As per the requirement conveyed by the school, we schedule regular stationery distribution drives on:
  • ​Monthly basis covering regular requirements: pens, pencils, notebooks, colouring pencils, paint boxes, paint brushes, etc; and 
  • Yearly basis covering annual requirements: school uniform, school bags, shoes, book sets, tiffin boxes, sports kits etc. 
We need your support to continue reaching out to these kids.

Gift a ray of Hope by sponsoring stationery kits for 1000 Kids in Conflict Zones of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh:
  • Sponsor 1 stationery kit for $1.2/ Rs 98
    (Comprising 2 Classmate Notebooks + 6 Pencils + 1 Sharpener + 2 Eraser)
    The cost of above items is $1.2/ Rs 98 per student
  • Sponsor 10 stationery kit: $12/ Rs 980 
  • Sponsor 100 stationery kit: $120/ Rs 9,800 
  • Sponsor 1000 stationery kit: $1,200/ Rs 98,000

​One stationery kit contributed by you, can help a child attend his/ her classes. This will, in turn, reduce rising dropout rates observed in these regions. Regular schooling will provide a smooth learning experience and uninterrupted academic journey, helping them break free from the vicious circle of poverty, assisting them in building a bright future for themselves and their community.

As they face constant challenging conditions inflicted by terror activities and longed drawn conflicts in their region, positive classroom activities will infuse optimism in these children, nurture and nourish their impressionable minds with noble ideals and expand their horizons.

Empowered with the power of education, these children will be able to choose a profession of their choice as they grow up and not give in to extremist ideologies and terror. By joining hands and contributing to our cause you will be making a profound impact on the lives of countless children and help create a peaceful society.

We solicit the support of the kind hearted individuals as yourselves to help and assist us in covering the expenses of the stationery supplies. We are hopeful that you would support us in our endeavour.

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