KarmaKonnect performs rigorous due diligence on every organization in the KarmaKonnect community in order to ensure they are performing charitable work in a transparent and accountable manner, and that they meet operational guidelines and financial reporting requirements for registration with the government.

We collect and review documentation for every organization, including its legal documents, financial records, program materials, and lists of senior staff and board members, in order to validate the organization that is running the project as described.

We also evaluate the organization's capacity to implement activities and communicate about its work, and we research the organization's relationship with previous funders. Finally, we ensure that the organization is compliant with anti-terror guidelines and are deeply committed to nation-building causes.

Once they've been vetted and added to the KarmaKonnect community, each organization is required to submit quarterly project reports, including activities, accomplishments, and results of the project to-date.

These reports are emailed to donors supporting their projects, and are publicly available on the project pages as well, so supporters can see how their donation is being used and what progress has been made.

We conduct a thorough due diligence renewal on all organizations every year, and make every effort to ensure each organization is personally visited by a KarmaKonnect representative once every six months.