KarmaKonnect is a non-profit social venture that aims to connect the fragmented ‘giving’ ecosystem by empowering NGOs, donors, volunteers, mentors, corporate and government to create impactful social development interventions.

KarmaKonnect is an enabler; motivating individuals and organizations to tap the growing philanthropy landscape by creating, connecting, and/or collaborating for credible projects and causes.

From Charity to Impact

Today, large sums of money are channeled into the social sector programs such as education, health, nutrition, and livelihoods, among others. However, lack of information on how these investments translate into outcomes on the ground is a major barrier to evaluating their effectiveness and determining whether taxpayers’ money is being well spent. To this end, KarmaKonnect has perfected the ‘Build’ model of project implementation, which is a low-cost, yet replicable and scalable model. KarmaKonnect focuses on NGO Consulting and CSR Consulting. This inherent attribute of all KarmaKonnect certified projects ensures that your contributions and time are maximized to impact more lives.

KarmaKonnect’s mission is focused on improving financial transparency and operational efficiency in the execution of projects undertaken by NGOs, providing easy access and opportunities to citizens so they can volunteer and donate, and helping corporates/government/organizations come together for projects to create sustainable socio-economic change.

KarmaKonnect is the first complete philanthropy and volunteering platform that meets you where you are! GET IN TOUCH

KarmaKonnect is passionate about change and aims to bring about this change through compassion and collaboration. By bringing together Citizens, NGOs, Corporate, Government, and all those who are dedicated to the common goal of giving back to the community, KarmaKonnect takes up projects that help spread awareness for worthy causes as well as allow compassionate growth. KarmaKonnect partners with audited and accredited organizations, with proven track records, and promotes, enacts and becomes an advocate for change.

KarmaKonnect is the first complete philanthropy and volunteering platform that meets you where you are! Whether you want to engage in volunteering or giving, corporate grant making, disaster relief, or systematic donation program to create tangible social change, KarmaKonnect’s consulting solutions for Corporate Consulting, NGO Consulting, and Donor Consulting help you reach the highest levels of social impact with credible implementation, monitoring and reporting services.


Vision: To connect, collaborate and evolve sustainable and replicable models and achieve concrete social change

Mission: Partner with credible NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs to help them achieve scale as well as operational, marketing and financial efficiencies.

To achieve this vision, KarmaKonnect:

  • Works in collaboration with the Central and State governments and from within the social development ecosystem
  • Provides efficiency and optimization to the NGO projects, government programs and corporate giving programs.
  • Promotes NGOs and matches them to Mentors and Investors
  • Provides an easy connect to volunteers for time, things, and skills to local NGOs.
  • Allows NGOs to sell their products online donors and create impactful donor programs and provide philanthropy optimization and monitoring services.
  • Amplifies good deeds by scaling up best practice models and share the models, expertise and experience with anyone in a similar space, with similar goals.
  • Optimizes on existing resources – by connecting the fragmented ecosystem members.
  • Builds a Smart charity ecosystem – by setting SMART (S - specific, M - measurable, A - attainable, R - relevant and T - time based) goals for each NGO that ensures optimal donation utilization.


The belief that drives KarmaKonnect is that every fortunate individual must engage in contributing to tangible societal change and champion impact leadership. KarmaKonnect specializes in designing meaningful donor programs that align with your values, while engaging localvolunteers and organizations, to fuel sustainable community growth, thus driving social change.

KarmaKonnect has a unique ‘Build’ model which is a 'low cost, yet replicable and scalable' model of project implementation. This ensures that yourcontributions are maximized to impact more lives. KarmaKonnect believes that when donors are equipped with the right knowledge, capacity, and accountability services to make their work more strategic, the social sector in India will be transformed dramatically and more people will move out of poverty faster. With its strong network of partnerships with various institutions, KarmaKonnect is able to mobilize your resources in the development sector and execute it with transparency and accountability.

KarmaKonnect specializes in designing meaningful donor programs that align with your values GET IN TOUCH

KarmaKonnect builds relationships between donors, organizations and high net-worth individuals on one hand, and NGOs and social development entrepreneurs on the other, to work on impact-oriented and sustainable development plans. KarmaKonnect’s unique advantage lies in its extensive grassroots network of NGOs and social enterprises. This results in a deep understanding of andstrong relationships with social organizations that lead to efficient management and implementation of projects.

KarmaKonnect Foundation makes the process of giving simple and effective GET IN TOUCH

As a trusted partner, KarmaKonnect will focus on building and implementing a program for your philanthropic goals that is truly engaging and impactful. KarmaKonnect will help you plan, implement, and monitor projects to optimize the strategic impact of your grants and investments, making it easy for you to optimally manage your philanthropic spend. The insights and analysis that KarmaKonnect CSR Consulting and NGO Consulting offers will help you refine and personalize your donations/impact investment, so you can feel comfortable and informed about your decisions.

KarmaKonnect provides flexible and creative philanthropic opportunities and programs to help donors meet their giving needs and NGOs to find the right mentors and investors. To this end, the KarmaKonnect Foundation makes the process of giving simple and effective. KarmaKonnect provides well-researched and credible philanthropic CSR Consulting and NGO Consulting to help solve key developmental issues in India. So, you can support the causes that are close to your heart in the areas of humanitarian and social development, such as:

Shortlist non-profits and/or impact investing projects

  • Recommend projects that align with their strategic goals
  • Work with them to address questions/ concerns and impact evaluation
  • Work with the NGO/Project teams to design an action plan
  • Schedule volunteer/youth campaigns around your donation strategy


KarmaKonnect seeks to use simple yet rigorous methods to empower, facilitate, and generate evidence on scale on the outcomes of social sector projects. It also aims to strengthen the link between evidence and action by building the capacity of individuals and institutions to design, conduct, and understand assessments that focus on key outcome indicators.

Some of the projects KarmaKonnect is currently associated with include:

  • Comprehensive rural environment project for Vinifine Textiles, Rajkot, at Bhavnagar, Gujarat
  • SBI-supported setup of vocational training for employable skills in healthcare and hospitality for marginalized communities
  • Auroch-Agro supported urban slum education and safe homes project

Some of our projects


The team at KarmaKonnect is passionate about change and aims to bring about this change through compassion and collaboration.


KarmaKonnect’s Trustee Ms. Drumi Bhatt holds a Management degree from the USA and has several years of experience working with NGOs, Corporates, Government, and Donors on several social development initiatives. She has led several projects geared towards India’s development and has championed various good governance/social impact campaigns connecting NRIs with India's development journey.

Ms. Drumi Bhatt has considerable experience working on sustainable socio-economic empowerment models and helps several NGOs with operational efficiency and financial management expertise. She has trained her focus on improving the financial transparency and execution of projects undertaken by NGOs in India thus providing easily accessible opportunities for citizens to volunteer and donate. She aims to build a SMART ecosystem for Corporates / Government / Organizations / Citizens to connect with credible field partners for impactful projects that create tangible socio-economic change.


Dr. Kunjbala Trivedi is a Doctorate in Social Anthropology and has committed herself to the cause of women's rights and rescue/rehabilitation. Dr. Trivedi has worked on reform work at Central Jail and legal aid representation for marginalized communities. She has been an active participant in the representation in regulatory aspects on laws related to upliftment of women. Dr. Trivedi has published numerous research papers and hosted several seminars and workshops on core issues plaguing the marginalized communities in India. She is passionate about rural and women empowerment and hopes to mentor many strong women in future.


Vyoma is an Business Analytics professional with a passion for finding sustainable solutions to alleviate disparities in the society by enabling opportunities to reach the right person at the right time.

She has led several projects related to children education, addressing reasons for female student drop-out rates and imparting soft skill training to slum children. Her passion to bring a change has been a strong foundation for Karmakonnect foundation.


Director of the prestigious Kanoria Center for Arts, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Ms. Niharika Shah is a heritage management specialist. She has deep experience and expertise in conceptualizing and managing projects and festivals that promote local arts, heritage and culture, in contemporary context. Ms. Shah is passionate about providing a platform to rural and tribal artisans. And to this end, she aims to design and execute sustainable models that help promote the rich culture and heritage of India.


A young & enthusiast social entrepreneur having a vast and diverse experience in the field of Education, Information Technology, Law and International business. With his reformist ideas, he upholds the social and moral values to a prominent name in whatever he does. As a result of his desire to actively contribute to society, he contributed to the concept creation of KarmaKonnect intending to bring impact solutions to key development areas. Ishit’s passion and business experience helps KarmaKonnect scale up with efficiency across Bharat.

KarmaKonnect’s team comprises experienced consultants that have expertise in providing services to:

  • Credible NGOs In need of professional administration, reporting and donor outreach services
  • Donor and volunteers Looking for easily accessible and credible organizations to Donors money/things or volunteer time with (online/inperson)
  • Schools/Colleges To incorporate social awareness and student volunteering programs through workshops/events and travel programs with a credit system that is a part of their curriculum
  • Corporations Under the CSR framework or community-friendly mid-size businesses/organizations that wish to organize employee giving events or deploy their CSR funds in projects that create business value as well as social welfare
  • Government programs Publicize and seek collaboration in partnering with or scaling up on schemes/grant and welfare subsidy programs


1. Charities/Non-Profits

KarmaKonnect provides consulting services to increase donor outreach and conducts effective fundraising activities. In addition, KarmaKonnect helps charities and non-profit organizations to setup suitable donation reporting process and build operational efficiencies. KarmaKonnect provides support for event and project management, digital marketing strategy development, CSR implementation programs including capacity building/grant management, and sale of NGO items. KarmaKonnect also provides NGOs with the opportunity to find the right mentors and investors that match their ideals

KarmaKonnect partners with credible NGOs in need of professional administration, reporting, and donor outreach services to help them achieve operational and financial efficiencies, capacity building, and long term sustainability through:

  • Operational efficiency (streamlining operations and cost control measures)
  • Scaling up services (business development)
  • Mentoring and Investing services
  • Promote ‘Shopping for Good’
  • Fundraising, grant services
  • Reporting services
  • Volunteer management services
  • Best practices research and consulting
  • Registration, setup, and roadmap
  • Branding and positioning services, fundraising campaign management
  • NGO Government / CSR connect
  • Volunteer connect

2. Donors

KarmaKonnect helps screen credible organizations that can benefit with funds or volunteer skills. KarmaKonnect aims to impact the ‘social investment’ ecosystem and optimize on social returns on donor investment by working with a portfolio of different organizations and projects.

KarmaKonnect provides an easy-to-use and filter-friendly online platform that inspires and facilitates through content on innovative ways to engage with NGOs/projects and empowers to bring about change for causes they are passionate about. For additional support, KarmaKonnect provides a dedicated consulting arrangement to help monitor the donor’s net social impact.

KarmaKonnect thinks of donors as social investors and expects them realize the return on their investments by facilitating NGOs to give them strategic long-term returns and reporting. As such, KarmaKonnect helps plan, implement, and monitor the impact of donations and provide guidance on strategic long term goals through:

  • Screening NGOs and their operational inefficiencies.
  • Conducting best practice research on social development interventions.
  • Presenting strategies to optimize the ROD - Return on Donation/social impact investment.
  • Helping NGOs scale up and perform as per their objectives with clear monitoring and reporting.
  • Helping NGOs and Donors match
  • Setting up SMART(S- specific, M- Measurable, A-attainable, R- relevant and T-time based) goals for their donation outcomes.

3. Corporates

KarmaKonnect provides CSR consulting services that are aimed at designing innovative Win-Win Corporate Social Value projects to ensure judicious use of CSR funds, as well as carefully crafted employee engagement events and campaigns. KarmaKonnect works under the CSR framework and provides a structured program to deploy CSR funds in projects that create business value as well as social welfare.

KarmaKonnect believes in Corporate Social Value rather than Corporate Social Responsibility because ‘responsibility’ somehow connotes a ‘by force’ aspect. With a firm belief that businesses can solve social problems to increase profits and gain competitive advantage, KarmaKonnect helps large corporations (under the ambit of the new CSR rule) and SMEs/startups to realize the maximum value and impact on their investment by aiding transition of CSR concept from a cost center to strategizing their CSR spend. KarmaKonnect supports organizations in identifying and creating opportunities to help solve social problems, and also reap benefits from a properly implemented strategic CSR program.

KarmaKonnect is now evolving into a one stop solution for CSR with over 100 best practices, impact-creating ecosystem, having expertise in all social change verticals, project professionals, implementation partners, innovative technology providers, and social enterprises. Under the CSR framework, KarmaKonnect works closely with corporations to design, implement, and assess high impact initiatives so that the social return on investment through CSR is maximized. This is done through:

  • Corporate giving consulting with vetted NGOs and third-party audits
  • Empowering inclusive business models to be at the intersection of a defined social problem, strong organizational alignment, and tangible business value

At the heart of KarmaKonnect’s work is the ability to collaborate with companies to integrate inclusivity and sustainability in their core business. KarmaKonnect aims to create a broad-based platform, bringing in change agents engaged in social activities to maximize their impact through sustainable practices.

KarmaKonnect’s platform is an enabler for collaborations and synergy between NGOs and the corporate providing a multi-pronged approach for improving our nation.

4. Volunteers (One-off, fixed monthly, leisure travel)

KarmaKonnect helps ordinary citizens to be the change agents and helps mobilize these masses by providing the avenues to lend a hand. KarmaKonnect empowers common citizens to identify the problems in their immediate locality, take ownership of it, and collaborate to solve it.

KarmaKonnect facilitates all citizens’ online volunteer registration for campaigns, projects, and events. KarmaKonnect also works with educational institutions that wish to incorporate social cause awareness and student involvement programs in middle and high-school years through workshops, events, and travel programs with a credit system that is a part of their curriculum. KarmaKonnect facilitates all these activities by

  • Connecting volunteers and skills to projects and campaigns.
  • By building a passionate audience around social, political, and cultural issues, KarmaKonnect members collaborate quickly and effectively on solutions to today’s toughest problems. And with built-in communities of support, no campaign starts from scratch.
  • Planning volunteer travel services round the year, serving different causes in collaboration with on-ground teams.

5. Civic/Government bodies

KarmaKonnect helps publicize and seek collaboration in partnering with or scaling up on schemes/grant and welfare subsidy programs through:

  • Propagation of schemes and facilitation ofNGO-Government connectin targeted sectors
  • Bridging NGO-CSR-Volunteers and Government partnerships
  • Promoting NGO/CSR models that work to improve existing government infrastructure or projects


KarmaKonnect performs rigorous due diligence on every organization in the KarmaKonnect community in order to ensure they are performing charitable work in a transparent and accountable manner, and that they meet operational guidelines and financial reporting requirements for registration with the Government.

KarmaKonnect collects and reviews documentation for every organization, which includes the legal documents, financial records, program materials, and lists of senior staff and board members, in order to validate the organization that is running the project as described.

KarmaKonnect evaluates an organization’s capacity to implement activities and communicate about its work. KarmaKonnect also researches the organization’s relationship with previous funders. Finally, KarmaKonnect ensures that the organization is compliant with anti-terror guidelines and is deeply committed to nation-building causes.

Once the organization has been vetted and added to the KarmaKonnect community, each organization is required to submit quarterly project reports, including activities, accomplishments, and results of the project to-date. These reports are then emailed to donors supporting these projects and are publicly available on the project pages as well, so supporters can see how their donation is being used and what progress has been made. KarmaKonnect conducts a thorough due diligence renewal on all organizations every year, and makes every effort to ensure each organization is personally visited by a KarmaKonnect representative once every three months.


KarmaKonnect helps donors achieve maximum impact for their charitable giving. KarmaKonnect presents outstanding giving opportunities through its solution partners and publishes full details of its analysis to help donors decide where to give and what to expect.

KarmaKonnect network mentors only those projects that are likely to maximize the impact of additional donations in terms of lives saved or improved, featuring only transparent, sustainable, and replicable models.

All NGOs and projects listed with KarmaKonnect have been screened for transparency and credibility. All projects/NGOs featured by KarmaKonnect have gone through rigorous checks and periodic audits* so you can rest assured that your money reaches the cause it was donated for.

KarmaKonnect provides a feedback report on the utilization of your money at periodic intervals. This feedback report is based on periodic mystery audits and ongoing consultation with the network charities.

With every donation order to KarmaKonnect, you will receive:

  • Order confirmation on your registered email address within minutes of your donation.
  • An 80G tax receipt on your registered email address

*Disclaimer: Individual fundraisers and campaigns are not verified by KarmaKonnect and should be carried out at the sole discretion of the donor. We encourage donors to conduct verifications and can use KarmaKonnect consulting services for the same.

* KarmaKonnect is not FCRA registered and cannot accept donations from any non-Indian passport holder.