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Project Implementation Plan

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KarmaKonnect’s Anmol Shiksha is a model program to assist the Gujarat Government school framework with better learning techniques and strengthen it as a model that enables a comprehensive learning environment. The project involves the installation of digital classrooms in various Government Schools across the state, after a need-based analysis. A digital classroom will help increase the retention rate of students, and also increase their interest in the subject content. Since most Government schools have a very high teacher to student ratio, digital software can be used to aid the teacher, and increase the involvement of students. Two Classroom Plan – Grades 1st to 4th (Maths and English) Grades 5th to 8th (Math, English, and Science)

● Each session in the Digital Classroom is of 1 hour, and each weekday will have 4 such sessions, with Saturday having 2 sessions. In a week, there will be 22 sessions in each classroom, which means that 44 sessions in both the classrooms combined. Grades 1st to 8th will use the classrooms.

● In a month, there will be approx. 176 sessions in the classroom.

● Each section of 1st to 8th (17 sections) will get 1 session per subject in the Digital Classroom per week. This equals to 2 sessions per section per week for grades 1st to 4th in the Digital Classroom, 3 sessions per section per week for grades 5th to 8th

● The 44th session every week can be used as a remedial class for students who are reading and writing at a lower grade level.

Extracurricular and personality building: Post school, the projector system can be used for extracurricular education and personality building, by showing material such as but not limited to Science experiments, inspirational and motivational movies (Dangaal, 3 Idiots), value education videos, Vedic Math tutorials, English speaking tutorials and etiquette tutorials. The JPS Kabaddi team is also impressive, having played nationals in the previous academic year. The digital classroom can be used by the Kabaddi Coach to show the team tricks and strategies.

Community Engagement and Social Awareness: In order to address the rampant tobacco and alcohol addiction in the village, and in order to engage the community, the Digital Classroom(s) can be used on Sundays to show addiction PSAs to students. The classrooms can also be used on the weekend to show parent training videos and videos on livelihood/trade skills and agriculture

Project Challenges

The biggest challenge that India’s public education system faces today is that the tremendous success in achieving nearly 100% access to schooling has not translated to Quality Learning. The emerging data about the quality, access and equity of education in India point towards a crucial space where companies can intercede to create great impact through Corporate Social Responsibility. When you consider that 85% of children in India study in government schools, it becomes obvious that any meaningful effort to improve the quality of education in our country has to start here. Central and state government initiatives have improved accessibility, facilities and teaching standards in public schools. But with a rapidly growing population of children of school-going age, it is apparent that a great deal more has to be achieved quickly. But there are limitations on how much the government can do. According to a recently conducted survey:

• 57% of schools have three teachers or less

• 58% of fifth standard students cannot read second standard textbooks

• 75% of fifth standard students cannot do basic division • 47% of fifth standard students cannot do basic subtraction

• Lack of infrastructure and innovation in teaching methodologies

• The high student dropout rate at the primary education stage due to a lack of motivation to study and future opportunities

• High absenteeism

Results & Outcome

KarmaKonnect has finished the installation, staff training and designing a project-monitoring framework for the first ever-digital smart classroom in Sanand at Jholapur govt. schools.

Over 600 Rural students will benefit from this setup on weekdays. The e-learning software e-Pathshala contains animations and revision material specially tailored for the State Education Board curriculum and increases the engagement and retention level of the students.

The weekends are being utilized for educational and awareness videos for women/youth etc on agriculture, health, govt schemes, etc. E-Learning classrooms have a huge impact on increasing education and awareness standards in Rural India at a very low cost

About Ngo

KarmaKonnect is a non-profit social venture that aims to connect the fragmented ‘giving’ ecosystem by empowering NGOs, donors, volunteers, corporates, and government to create impactful social development interventions, often in remote and under-served areas. 

KarmaKonnect is an enabler; motivating and empowering individuals and organizations to tap the growing philanthropy landscape by creating, connecting, and/or collaborating on credible projects and causes. 

The KarmaKonnect team is currently involved in a number of initiatives across the country, through various dedicated volunteers and NGOs. We are primarily working on:

• Child education and livelihood skills (urban slum evening schools/shelters) in Gujarat, Telangana, MP, and Delhi through the utilization of existing govt infrastructure and digital/innovative collaborative models.

• Rural Development Programs - Setting up  Water, Solar and Livelihood/Entrepreneurship projects in remote tribal areas.

• “Adopt a Village" customized project for donors involving well researched sustainable solutions for development followed by a rigorous monitoring approach. 

• Women Empowerment, livelihood, and legal help, rescue and rehabilitation projects

• Training and placement of underprivileged and specially-abled candidates

• Refuge rehabilitation and relief work 

• Ad-Hoc Medical help and assistance as needed.

Karmakonnect also specializes in customized projects to help optimize donor and CSR spend and increase NGO efficiency.




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