Asmita Awareness Workshop for Women


Project Implementation Plan

Project Asmita aims at addressing the important issues impacting rural women through dialogue and awareness.

1.Awareness Camps

Under Project Asmita, several awareness camps and empowerment presentations will be delivered in rural areas and urban slums through field partners (NGOs & Volunteers). The presentations will touch upon topics of menstrual health and hygiene, sexual awareness, maternal and reproductive health, and good touch – bad touch. The women will also be made aware of resources to reach out for help and government schemes and provisions focused on women’s welfare and development

2.Asmita Kits

At every awareness camp, Asmita kits will be distributed among women following the presentation. Such a kit would include female hygiene products and a booklet consisting information on safe hygiene practices, helpline numbers, government schemes and self-help literature.

3.Self Help Groups

Creation of self-help groups so that women can collectively work towards addressing the issues that endanger their welfare and take charge of their health and well-being. Each workshop will identify a local “leader” and will end with the “Asmita kit” as a gift, with easy self-help material and regular follow up routine. KarmaKonnect will partner will local panchayats, NSS volunteers and NGOs to expand the reach of the program in different states.

Project Challenges

Though rural women make up a quarter of the world’s population, they are left behind in every measure of development. In order to help empower women in all settings, and to reduce poverty and gender inequality, access should be given to women for general awareness, issues that need to be addressed.

In a country where women have reached the frontiers of space, basic necessities such as access to clean drinking water, toilets, basic education, fundamental knowledge about legal and civic rights and products for feminine hygiene are still unavailable to women in rural areas.

Results & Outcome

The rate of retention of female students in school increases as they are better able to manage themselves after awareness. 

Women who have improved facilities close to home and work enjoy better health and are able to work more productively welfare facilities. When their families are healthier, women and girls also spend less time caring for sick family members.

Through our regular awareness camps in different areas of Haryana, we have managed to reach out to almost 1000 women and girls.

We see a ray of positivity with each camp that takes place as the beneficiaries part with some important knowledge and wider smiles.



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