Be a Part of SWACHH BHARAT - Clean Ghats

Sakaar Sewa Samiti Varanasi

Skills Needed: Report/grant writing

Accomodation: No Accomodation provided

About the Project

The idea that whatever is left of these fragile mountainous forests should be protected from unsustainable exploitation in the interests of present and future generations, while presenting sustainable ways of living to the communities that inhabit these landscapes, is being lost sight of. We shall take a step further to maintain the beauty of our traditions and behold it’s values till upcoming so many generations so that even they can respect it the same way. Aim of the Project : Enriching and Enhancing the standing tourism & teaching people to respect the natural heritage. Cleaning & beautifying India's spiritual capital.

About the NGO

Sakaar was founded with an objective to empower villages and to prevent the influx of rural population into cities. This was to be achieved through rural empowerment by the means of providing better opportunities in villages, all the while preserving the simplicity of rural life. Sakaar was also to undertake initiatives directed at Hygiene and Sanitation with the ultimate aim to promote general well being in Society.

  • We at Sakaar will endeavor to achieve our mission through a set of core values that define the character and color of our operations as well as the institution:
  • Ethical and Civic Responsibility: The first and primary value is the commitment of Sakaar, to ethical and civic responsibility in accordance with universal humanistic ideals.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Sakaar is committed to a people-centered environment based upon the values of Integrity and Honesty, which will always be of paramount importance in all operations.
  • Quality: Sakaar is committed to high quality standards in its service to the beneficiaries and to society as a whole.
  • Creativity: Sakaar will always promote and reward creativity and innovation in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Outreach: Sakaar will be dedicated to community outreach, emphasizing service, transfer of know-how, and positive contribution to the welfare of society.
  • Global Outlook: While rooted in traditional values, Sakaar will seek to promote an international outlook and respect for other individuals and cultures.
  • Intellectual Freedom: Sakaar will promote openness, diversity, fairness and freedom by the transparent and interactive nature of operations.
  • Leadership: Sakaar will promote teamwork, tolerance and leadership by being a role model for any such similar endeavors.
  • Accountability: Personal and organizational responsibility and accountability are necessary conditions for the accomplishment of our mission and goals.

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