KarmaKonnect is building an Ecosystem to make it easier for social entrepreneurs to access angel investments and mentors, attract talented professionals and create successful and self-sustaining business models.

This page showcases some innovative mission-driven social entrepreneurs and startups that have the potential of creating long-lasting change.

KarmaKonnect does not provide investment advice but will help facilitate the interactions with the social entrepreneur for mentoring or investments.


Valley Culture represents the Himalayan culture, promoting sustainability, community empowerment, and positive impact. Through handpicked local ingredients, they bring the magic of the Himalayas to global plates while uplifting local communities. They work closely with over 5000 farmers, particularly women, preserving traditions and offering a range of high-quality products .


Hesa takes pride in our platform and dedicated Hesaathis, who support clients and partners in expanding businesses to every Indian village. Our mission is to connect and empower rural India, making a significant impact on lives and livelihoods.

Millet Bank

Inspired by the giant size traditional storage systems in ancient times that represented food security, crop diversity, dietary diversity and food sustainability, Millet Bank has a strong mission to preserve millet food culture by reviving the ancient wisdom of millet foods.


Kazam is creating an ecosystem in the electric vehicle (EV) space that includes a Super App for individual drivers, an agnostic ERP software for organizations, and the empowerment of micro-entrepreneurs through IoT-enabled charging stations for energy and parking space monetization.


Enerdatics is a research and business intelligence SaaS company, delivering data, insights and analytics from unstructured information.

Samvriddhi Infotech

Samvriddhi Infotech is the solution integrator for Enterprise Technology Solutions with a focus on Integrated Enterprise GIS solutions for Efficient Business Operations.


CREDUCE is a leading organization based in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), specializing in Renewable Energy, Environment, and Climate Change Mitigation services. With a team of experienced professionals, they offer expert advisory and business services in these domains.


Integrated Platform for Conventional Art and Modern Design.


India’s first vernacular e-learning platform aims to make education more accessible in tier-II, III cities. We offer live lectures and pre-recorded courses (from Class 9th- 12th in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, and Hinglish) to help state board students to learn academics.

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