Empower a woman through Vocational training - Sewing course

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Sewing is a fantastic way to make women financially independent. This course provides knowledge about sewing samples and handicraft's stitches. This course leads to self-employment and helps in stitching clothes of one’s own family members, thereby saving money.

Goals are:

  • Empower women, educate them, and help demand their rights.
  • Bring women together on a common platform. This training provides them opportunities to benefit from services provided by Jyoti Sangh.
  • Motivate and encourage women to participate in various programs in different fields like Family Counseling, Vocational Training and Skill Up-gradation so that they can gain confidence to shoulder their families financially and live with dignity.

Course fee for educating one woman is Rs.800.

About the NGO

Jyotisangh was established in 1934 with blessing of Mahatma GANDHI in Ahmedabad, to channelize women power in such a way that women become role model and also to provide social and moral support to the women of next generations. Jyotisangh works for empowerment of women regarding their rights and provides them an opportunity to participate in counseling, vocational training, so that they can gain confidence and lead life with dignity and respect. Jyotisangh’s department for mentally challenged adolescent girls started a school for rehabilitation of mentally challenged young girls. The girls are trained in socialization skills, personal care, home management, learning activities, art & craft, cultural activities, etc.

Mission: To gather as many as possible women of Gujarat and educate them about their rights by providing them a platform to come, discuss and take benefit of available services to empower themselves.

Goal ₹ 800

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