Lend a HELPING HAND to the women in the foothills of Himalayas

Himalayan Blooms Himachal Pradesh

Skills Needed: Job assistance for our members

Accomodation: No Accomodation provided

About the Project

The key objective of Himalayan Blooms USA is to empower women, no handouts, but giving an opportunity to learn, and gain confidence to succeed. An empowered woman is the best role model for children, and especially the daughters, who would be inspired by their mother to break the barriers, to believe in the self; to learn and excel.

As a part of the Himalayan Bloom family, help us sell. Build a network of sales and marketing of our products as they are handicrafts/Khadi/Gram-Udyog.

Some of the objectives of this position are as follows:

a) To get better practice with skills and also generate revenue, we need to collaborate with fair-trade organizations which give us large scale orders. This is always our number one priority.

b) Connect us to corporate gifting network through which we could expect regular orders.

c) Corporate Social Responsibility funds would be a great way of creating more employment among these ladies.

So why enjoy the comfort of hand-knitted items from the heart of Himalayas and at the same time empower some women for a better living?

About the NGO

The goal of Himalayan Blooms is to uplift the community; empower women by providing new opportunities, provide the necessary tools and equipment to make marketable locally produced goods; help schools improve the quality of education, and assist farmers in by installing groundwater charging wells. This community development project is intended to provide relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged. This effort would also reduce the need for the relocation of people to already crowded urban areas, to seek employment.