Volunteer to MAKE REPORTS for Evening Study Classes

Uthishta Bengaluru

Skills Needed: Report/grant writing

Accomodation: No Accomodation provided

About the Project

Despite of all the technological revolutions happening around us, it is a reality many are deprived of basic and elementary needs like food, shelter and education. Even though government takes some steps to ensure the education to all the children in country, the focus is usually confined to urban areas. Education is still a distant dream for many kids in the tribal area. Also, we have a lot of underprivileged kids unable to continue their education due to various circumstances in their family. This situation forces them to continue as underprivileged and keep them vulnerable to all kind of abuses, which Uthishtha is trying to make a difference with your valuable help. We provide financial support to them and also accommodate them in hostels so they can concentrate on their education. The kids are also provided with school kits as a part of this project. We are always eager to help these less fortunate kids who are keen to gain education but lack funds for their higher studies.

About the NGO

Uthishta is a social service and charitable trust formed in the year 2006. We primarily aims to serve people who have been socially and economically marginalized, by reaching out to them with programs to foster self-reliance and independence.