Be an ONLINE MENTOR to Rural Kids

KarmaKonnect Ranikhet

Skills Needed: Skype sessions with Kids/Women (Educate and Mentor)

Accomodation: No Accomodation provided

About the Project

The mentoring program of e-shishya is a unique program where the urban professionals/final year students can become a mentor to a rural child for 100 days. You will be connected to a rural child through Google Hangout/Whatsapp/local calls etc. Together you will read wonderful stories like Blue umbrella, Birbal tales etc. This is not a normal teacher-student program. Rather it is an initiative to exchange dialogue to understand urban-rural lifestyle. You can talk to him about city life and the child can tell you about life in a village. This and much more can be discussed for 100 days with the children. Link to Apply as a Mentor - Link to Apply as a Mentor -

About the NGO

E-Shishya - Integrating Technology and Pedagogy to make learning engaging

E-SHISHYA is dedicated to providing fun-filled, easy to learn vocabulary solutions to youngsters who otherwise face limitations with the English language. It is an effort to offer a support mechanism and motivation to children to pick up English books; magazines etc that can help them overcome the hesitations of being proficient in the language that is today, becoming a passport for entering the Indian job market. 

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This is a short term project,
you can contact us anytime to help us with
your awseome skills



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