Lahaul and Spiti
KarmaKonnect Digital learning program help students in Spiti Valley learn & grow

KarmaKonnect recently completed smart class setup for students of a government-run school in Lahaul and Spiti. From darkness of Ignorance to a Ray of Hope and Knowledge — this is the power of Digital education in remote mountain areas. Children tucked indoors due to harsh weathers can continue their education and expand their horizons getting connected to the world through digital classrooms. We solicit your assistance in shaping the future of these bright and well-deserving children from the remotest corners of Bharat.

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Students at Baramulla Government School glad to receive new stationery supplies

KarmaKonnect is excited to provide assistance to Army Goodwill schools across J&K LoC areas through JKSC distribution campaigns. The impact of such interventions makes us all proud, especially when we see girls progressing and embracing education as a means for development and peace, rejecting radical ideologies. The classroom captured in this photograph is of a government school in Baramulla, Jammu & Kashmir.

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Children in Poonch, J&K, attending lessons through KarmaKonnect Smart Classes

It’s 0deg outside in J&K and children are cutoff in the mountainous terrains. KarmaKonnect Smart Classes, equipped with educational software, are helping them to keep themselves abreast and connected with the learning process. These smart classes play a major role in improving learning outcomes for children in remote areas and conflict hit zones during harsh climate months. Learn more and see how you can donate a smart class to help educate many.

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Kaksar, Ladakh
Little Maqsooma from Ladakh Bats Effortlessly on the Pitch, Idolizes Virat Kohli

It’s the Little things that make life worthwhile. Little Maqsooma from Kaksar in Ladakh valley today enjoys cricket, notes ViratKohli as her idol and has ambitions to be a part of the Indian Cricket team. KarmaKonnect supported this school through selfless volunteer JaiKumarJee, with supplies/equipments and little Maqsooma got a chance to showcase her hidden talent. #GoodKarma reaps wonderful rewards.

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Chulichang Point
Young Girls from the First School on LoC, J&K, chant "Bharat Mata Ki Jai"

Young girls belonging to the native/ tribal communities in these remote regions of Jammu and Kashmir, are getting educated and breaking the shackles of ignorance and societal dogmas. These visuals are coming from the First School on LoC, Jammu and Kashmir, Chulichung Point. The video is shot and sent by them, not captured by us. These schools supported by JKSC and Seva Bharti

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Gurez Valley, 123 Km from Srinagar
Children in Kashmir Valley Singing Patriotic Songs as an Ode to Mother India

JKSC and BSS Volunteers are organising fun-filled learning activities to teach school children good values and inculcate in them love for the Motherland. From slogans such as

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Life in remote Himalayan villages is not easy, especially for little kids. Harsh weather, short dark days and difficulties in accessing basic necessities. KarmaKonnect is fortunate to connect with these remote mountain tribal communities through its initiative. Recently, we completed smart class setup for Pre primary kids Keylong, Spiti Valley bringing better learning aid for the little kids of the district. We are also working on other health and employment initiatives for this region. Connect with us to learn more and spread #goodkarma

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We are always delighted to see Everyday visuals from the digital classrooms sponsored by KarmaKonnect to various underprivileged children. These setups not only aid better learning outcomes through curriculum softwares, but also help the community with key character building and motivational content. Pictured here are kids from @Shwas centers in Ahmedabad slum areas. Learn more on how a simple digital setup at schools and learning centers can bring about sweeping change and better learning outcomes.

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Lack of Women Medicos and Para Medics is one of the reasons of women shying away to get the treatment required for ailments in the rural areas. This has inspired Kiran Dohre from a tribal area near Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) to pursue a career in nearby college, assisted by Amitabh Soni Ji. KarmaKonnect is happy to assist as she promises to support her village when she is able.

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KarmaKonnect continues to support specially-abled women with education and livelihood training. Laptop/ Tablet donations continue as children adjust now to the digital way of learning. Pictures here is happy Chandni Barot, partially visually impaired from birth, currently pursuing her LLB from GLS and preparing for banking exam. Reach out to us for donating your old phones/laptops/tablets to worthy students across India .

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India’s National Flag Unfurls Across Schools Supported by KarmaKonnect in J&K

On 73rd Republic Day, our National flag was Unfurled at all the schools in J&K that our NGO KarmaKonnect supports through J&K Study Center. The children participated in the Republic Day Celebration with remarkable energy and enthusiasm. We are delighted and proud at the same time to have been able to contibute to these initiatives aimed at instilling patriotism in kids living in border areas. We are confident that the small efforts we put in today will result into significant changes tomorrow.

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Proud School Kids from Kashmir Border Area Honor Army with Hand-Made Paintings

School Kids from Kashmir Border Area schools made hand-made paintings on the occassion of Army Day to honour our brave soldiers and their sacrifices. The kids used their creativity and imagination to paint unique art pieces that truly reflected their innocence. Through their paintings they tried convey the much cherished message of 'Unity' among all Indians. The paintings also potrayed the sacrifices our soldiers make every day to protect our Nation and Us. The Kids were delighted to know that their paintings are getting clicked. They quickly assembled for a group photo and proudly held their paintings and drawings up.

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Students From Remote Regions in Kashmir Benefit From Digitally Aided Classes

Digital classroom solutions provided by KarmaKonnect are bringing about a learning revolution in remote rural areas and conflict zones. Digital classrooms have now started in remote areas of Bidda, Kishtwar (J&K) and Uddhampur - an area plagued with disruptions in education due to weather and terrorism activities. Students from these remote regions in Kashmir valley are benefiting from the digitally aided state curriculum lessons.

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KarmaKonnect Donates 36 ‘Digitally-Aided Classrooms’ to Schools in Remote J&K

KarmaKonnect completed donation of 36 classrooms to all Bhartiya Shiksha Mandir Schools this summer. It’s a delight to see children in remote Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh regions benefitting from the same, as school sessions begin. Not only do these classes help them with educational aid, but also extra-curricular learning. Pictured here are the classroom activities from BHARTIYA VIDYA MADIR HIDYAL KISHTWAR.

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KarmaKonnect All Over India
Donate Digital Classroom to Underprivileged Kids

Government schools suffer from a lot of problems typical of government and public schools in Gujarat. The teaching staff at the school is severely demotivated, and as a result, is not productive. The education level of students is also low. KarmaKonnect’s Anmol Shiksha is a model program to assist the Government school framework with better learning techniques and strengthen it as a model that enables comprehensive learning environment.

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KarmaKonnect All Over India
Donate Tablets (TabLabs) for Better Learning Experience to Students

India’s growth relies on a well-educated and skilled workforce. Improving education is a critical area of investment. A shabby foundation in primary education can overturn the lives, careers and productivity of millions of its citizens. Studies have proven that using digital tablets for classroom learning activities improves understanding of topics, digital skills, creativity, independent learning and motivation. Undeniably, it also helps in having a higher retention rate of students.

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KarmaKonnect Ahmedabad
Project Asmita - Support a Menstrual Hygiene & Domestic Abuse Awareness Camp

The issues of women’s health and hygiene, sanitation, and gender inequality are detrimental not only for women’s welfare, but also for the welfare and development of our society. Women are our country’s strength and they are entitled to live a life with respect, dignity, good health and equality. Project Asmita aims at addressing these unaddressed issues of rural women through dialogue and awareness.

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Jyotisangh Ahmedabad
Empower a Woman though Vocational training - Fashion Design

Women have always been marginalized and relegated to the status of subjugated class in the Indian society. Especially in rural areas, women have not actively participated in their emancipation due to their lack of economic independence and illiteracy. Women should be organized and strengthened at the grass root level to end their subordination.

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Sakaar Sewa Samiti Varansi
Cleaning of Ghats to bring back the golden days of India

BRING BACK THE GOLDEN DAYS OF BHARAT (INDIA): India has the most beautiful culture and traditions in the whole world. It is known for it’s beauty, it’s traditions, temples, etc. Take a step further to bring back the old golden India, which upholds its beauty like no one else before. Every Indian shall know it is their duty to respect the heritage.

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Uthishta Munnar
Building up shelter homes for poor and needy families

Living in 21st century seeing so many poor families are struggling a lot even for their daily bread, it is way too difficult for them to make their own house. It’s like luxurious dream to them. We as a human being can help those poor families to get shelter for them. Let’s take a step further and be a change for them.

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KarmaKonnect Telangana
Banka Bioloo

Banka Bioloo is women led business organization engaged in promoting and developing innovative environmental friendly products and services for Human Waste Management System. Human Waste Management Company, using the bio-digester technology and its various innovations and applications.

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KarmaKonnect Tiruchirapalli district
Waterless and Zero Waste Toilets

Ever wonder about the efficiency of the modern toilet and water-based sewage systems? The conventional toilet design uses large amounts of water with each flush, something which just isn’t sustainable in the long run. As the nation embarks on the Swachh Bharat Mission to end open defecation, Ecosan Urine Diversion Toilet (EUDT) offers an inexpensive and easy-to-operate alternative to traditional waste disposal.

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